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I got asked the other night if it ever becomes tiring....teaching yoga night after night.

It was a good question.

My honest answer was (and is) that while there are many times throughout my day that I "grumble" that after my day job I'm guiding a class later that evening, I've never finished a class and said "I wish I hadn't done that."

Each and every class gives me the opportunity to let go of my outside life, to focus on me, to sweat, to challenge, to sit, to meditate, to restore, to become a better version of myself.

To have the opportunity to create, share and receive positive energy from a group that has come together as a community with a common purpose is a privilege.

To the person who asked me the question, Thank You. Thank you for allowing me time to reflect and appreciate what guiding yoga does for me.....and I hope, does for you.

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