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Welcome to Serendipity Yoga, where the journey to wellness begins with a simple breath. 

I'm Janice Duffy, the gentle guide behind our serene sanctuary. A PEC local, I cherish the opportunity to share the transformative power of yoga with my community, whether it's through group sessions or intimate one-on-one experiences.


My yoga voyage has led me through the tranquil waters of Hatha, the flowing currents of Vinyasa, the deep introspection of Yin, the restorative embrace of Restorative, and the nurturing realm of Pre/Post Natal practices. Each style adds its own unique flavor to my ever-evolving practice.


In every posture, every movement, I seek to discover the inherent joy that resides within. With each breath, I encourage a compassionate dialogue between body, mind, and spirit, fostering a sense of kindness and self-love.


Exciting times are on the horizon! In May 2024, Serendipity Yoga will find a second home within the historic Armoury in Picton. It's a thrilling opportunity to merge our offerings with the rich history of this special place, continuing to cultivate wellness and mindfulness within our beloved community. 

Join me as we embark on this journey of self-discovery and serenity together.


My Story

The enchantment of yoga, embracing body, mind, and spirit, captivated me from the very first breath. It was in that serene moment of introspection that I knew I had found my path. Coming from an active background and recently completing my first half marathon, I quickly recognized yoga's physical benefits. Integrating it seamlessly into my routine, I discovered its prowess as a cross-training tool, enhancing strength, toning muscles, and bolstering flexibility to prevent injury.


Fueled by this passion, I embarked on a journey to deepen my own practice, driven by a desire to share its profound gifts with others. Recently, I've found a new avenue that beautifully intertwines with my yoga roots: Movement and Mobility. Leading classes where we joyfully explore poses and expand our body's range of motion, we awaken dormant muscles and amplify our functional fitness.


In addition to these pursuits, I'm deeply committed to promoting healthy aging through yoga. Recognizing the importance of maintaining mobility, strength, and balance as we age, I am dedicated to offering classes and practices specifically tailored to support the needs of mature practitioners. Together, we'll embark on a journey of vitality and well-being, embracing the wisdom of the body as it gracefully matures.


I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet you on the mat, guiding you through a holistic journey of movement, mindfulness, and healthy aging.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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