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Yoga at Home

MUST RESERVE your spot by email, txt or message at minimum 2 hours before practice. Some classes may fill faster than others, so it is best to sign up to secure your spot. If you need to cancel, you should do so at least 2 hours before that class begins. Please refer to our cancellation and no-show policies for further information (below).

ARRIVE at least 5 minutes before class begins, to get settled-in. 

WHAT TO WEAR We suggest comfortable clothing that will allow your body to stretch and move easily.

PRECAUTIONS If you are ill even “just the sniffles” please stay home and practice with us online. If you have any major health problems or injuries, please make sure you have your doctor’s clearance to start a fitness practice, please also let the teacher know.

*Our studio is a fragrance-free space.

No latecomers please. The door will be locked once the class begins. If you let us know you are running late we can leave the door unlocked. 



(Single Class, Class Packages and Unlimited Memberships)
You must cancel your class 2 hours or more, prior to class start time to un-reserve your spot.


In-Person or On-Line Classes: If you late-cancel less than 2 hours prior to class start time, you will be charged for the class. Your class will not be returned to your account.

In-Person Workshops: You must cancel 72 hrs before to get the workshop deposit returned to your account.  


For Single Drop-In Classes and Class Packages:

If you do not attend a practice and do not cancel, you will be charged or forfeit the class from your pass.

For Unlimited Memberships:

If you do not show up to class and do not cancel, you will be charged the drop-in rate.


Wait-listing allows students to wait for a class opening when a class is full in the event another student cancels. We will communicate with you if a spot opens.


Any special offers expire as per indicated for each individual sale or promotion.


ZOOM Online Class Policies & Guide

For the best online experience, and the comfort and safety of our students we have outlined a few additional helpful tips and class policies

  • The virtual world is vast, but to offer you the best experience, we limit our online classes to 20 students. Set your camera on its best angle so we can guide you better.

  • All students are advised to sign-in 5 minutes before class begins so that we are able to check you in.

  • New students: As courtesy to all our students we ask for your camera to be ON at the start of class.  Just as in our studio we strive to keep all students comfortable and safe till we are acquainted. If you are uncomfortable, please give us a call.

  • We recommend, when possible, to place your camera at least 5-8 feet away from you.  Allowing your teacher to see you from your ankles to your shoulders is adequate if you are unable to get a complete view.

  • You will be added into a waiting room before the teacher checks you into class.

  • You should check your speakers to make sure you can hear us. The controls for your video and mic are shown at the bottom of your screen or when tapping the video when on your mobile device.

  • If you happen to have props, get them ready! No props, get creative!! A large can of sauce can be a block!


  • I am new to yoga. How do I choose the right class?

We recommend if you are new to Yoga or returning to your practice, reach out as we can help you find your best classes.

  • How long are classes?

Classes are one hour in length. Please refer to our class schedule to find out the length of any workshops.

  • What should I wear?

We suggest comfortable clothing that will allow the body to stretch easily, such as a leggings, sweatpants and a shirt, or shorts and a T-shirt.​

  • Can I use my cell phone when I am at Serendipity Yoga?

Please turn off all cell phones. This will enable other students to have a more peaceful experience.

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