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From Anticipation to Pure Joy: My Vacation Excitement and the Joyful Homecoming

Embarking on my recent vacation, excitement bubbled within me like a fizzy elixir of anticipation. The prospect of a break from routine, new experiences, and a change of scenery had my spirits soaring. Little did I know that my return would be met with an overwhelming sense of happiness and contentment.

 As many of you know I certainly didn't pack well in advance of this trip.  In all honestly, I packed my bags on Saturday at about 10:15am with a flight departure of 4:30pm.   While I'm not one to leave things, like this, to the last minute that's exactly what the week had presented. Once packed, I set off on the adventure, the thrill of the unknown filled every moment with eagerness. Exploring new places, meeting different people, and immersing myself in novel experiences had me on the edge of anticipation throughout the entire trip.

 The vacation itself was nothing short of a dream. Sleeping-in until the late hour of 7am and staying up late well passed my bedtime (9:30pm some nights), definitely a change from the normal schedule. Not to mention breathtaking landscapes to the warmth of the sun on my face, each day brought new delights. Whether it was lounging on a sandy beach or sitting by the pool and enjoying the people watching, the sheer joy of being away from the ordinary added an extra sparkle to every experience. Now don't get me wrong, there were some very tough decisions: beach or poolside, walk before or after breakfast, pineapple or papaya....

I listened to a lot of podcasts.  From those that were yoga and business-focused to guilty pleasure podcasts (90210MG anyone?) this fully supported my downtime.  The time to slow down, focus and use my senses to stay mindful.

 The return from my vacation marked not just the end of a thrilling adventure but the beginning of a surprisingly joyous homecoming. As the plane touched down and I stepped onto familiar ground, a wave of unexpected happiness washed over me. It wasn't just the relief of being back or the comfort of the familiar; it was a profound realization of the deep connection I had with the place I call home.

The moment I opened the door to my home, at 4:30am, the familiar scent and warmth enveloped me like a long-lost embrace. The feeling of stepping onto my own doorstep, knowing every creak and corner, was akin to rediscovering a treasure. It was as if my home had missed me as much as I had missed it, and the reunion was a heartwarming embrace of familiarity.

The routines I had momentarily set aside during my vacation became cherished rituals upon my return. From the comforting ritual of making breakfast in my own kitchen to the soothing familiarity of walking Edgar through the neighbourhood, each habitual act was now infused with a newfound appreciation. The mundane had transformed into the extraordinary, and I found joy in the simplicity of my everyday life.

 Perhaps the most heartening aspect of the homecoming was reuniting with loved ones, including the furriest family member, Edgar. The smiles, hugs, and shared stories created an atmosphere of genuine happiness. While the vacation had its moments of social connection, the depth of connection with family and friends at home was irreplaceable. It was a reminder that, no matter how captivating the world beyond may be, the true essence of joy often lies in the relationships nurtured in the sanctuary of home.

The homecoming also provided a space for reflection, allowing me to process the experiences of my journey. As I share and flip through the photos and relive the memories, a sense of gratitude washed over me. The familiarity and stability of home provided a grounding force, allowing me to appreciate the adventure even more in retrospect. It was a reminder that every journey, no matter how enchanting, is made richer by the anchor of home.

 In the unexpected happiness of my homecoming, I found a renewed appreciation for the place I call home. It wasn't just a physical space; it was a sanctuary of comfort, connection, and contentment. The journey had come full circle, and in the return, I discovered that sometimes the most unexpected joy is found in the simple act of coming home.

The routine tasks I had momentarily set aside during my absence unexpectedly blossomed into wellsprings of joy. Simple things like steeping my morning tea in my cherished mug or settling into the welcoming embrace of my own bed and sleeping on my pillow (Does anyone travel with their own pillow? Is this a thing?  If not, I may attempt to start a trend.) took on a fresh significance. This discovery emphasized the profound truth that happiness isn't confined solely to grand adventures; instead, it resides in the exquisite beauty woven into the fabric of everyday moments.

The journey, both away and back, became a tapestry of emotions. From the excitement of departure (and the adrenalin rush of trying to remember to pack everything) to the bliss of exploration and finally the unexpected joy of homecoming, it was a complete cycle of gratitude. Each phase had its own unique charm, contributing to a richer and more nuanced appreciation for life.

In the end, my vacation was not just a chapter of excitement but a holistic journey that left me brimming with happiness. The anticipation that fueled my departure was matched, if not surpassed, by the joy I felt upon returning. It was a beautiful reminder that the journey is as important as the destination, and sometimes, coming back can be just as exhilarating as setting off on a new adventure.

Now you may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with yoga.  I believe it depends on your point of view and interpretation.  After taking some time to think about the connection this is what has resonated with me.

The anticipation before the vacation is akin to the conscious awareness of our breath in yoga. Just as we focus on each inhale and exhale, anticipating a vacation allows us to be fully present in the excitement of departure. It becomes a mindful acknowledgment of the present moment, savouring the joy that anticipation brings, much like focusing on the breath in meditation.

During the vacation itself, the exploration and immersion in new experiences mirror the mindful exploration of yoga postures. Each moment becomes a pose, inviting us to be fully present and engaged. Whether it's the feeling of sand beneath our feet or the taste of local cuisine, yoga teaches us to savour each sensation, much like immersing ourselves in the richness of vacation experiences.

The unexpected happiness of returning home aligns with the grounding nature of yoga. Just as yoga encourages us to find stability in every pose, the return home becomes a grounding force. It's a reminder that, just like finding joy in the simplicity of daily rituals, the true essence of happiness lies in being rooted in the present, both on and off the mat.

The realization that happiness is found in everyday moments echoes the core philosophy of yoga. In yoga, we are encouraged to find joy in the present, irrespective of external circumstances. Similarly, the beauty found in the mundane after a vacation is a reflection of the yogic principle of contentment (Santosha), teaching us that true fulfillment comes from within, not just from external experiences.

Connecting with loved ones upon returning home mirrors the sense of unity fostered in a yoga community. In the embrace of family and friends, there is a shared resonance, a collective energy that echoes the camaraderie found in a yoga class.

Just as yoga cultivates a sense of unity on the mat, reuniting with loved ones is a celebration of shared experiences and the interconnectedness of relationships. The smiles exchanged are akin to the supportive nods and encouragement witnessed in a yoga class, creating an atmosphere of genuine happiness and shared joy.

The hugs exchanged become a physical manifestation of the emotional support we experience in a yoga community. The shared stories and laughter create a harmonious symphony, much like the collective breath and energy felt during a group yoga practice. In this unity of connection, there's a profound acknowledgment of the strength found in relationships, reminiscent of the support and encouragement shared among yogis on their individual journeys.

Just as a yoga community provides a safe space for growth, the connections with loved ones at home offer a sanctuary where one can be authentic and vulnerable. The depth of these connections becomes a reminder that, irrespective of how captivating the world beyond may be, the true essence of joy often lies in the relationships nurtured in the sanctuary of home.

In essence, the unity experienced with loved ones is a reflection of the interconnected threads that weave through the fabric of a yoga community. It's a celebration of shared moments, mutual support, and the profound understanding that, like in yoga, the strength of the collective is far greater than the sum of its individual parts. Just as a yoga community fosters a sense of belonging and togetherness, returning home becomes a heartwarming reunion, emphasizing the beauty of shared experiences and the interconnectedness that enriches our lives.

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