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Love in a Time Machine

If you could step inside a time machine, where would you go, and why?

What would you change, or do differently knowing it could change everything? Knowing you might not have what you have today? The good, the bad, the ugly, the things you didn't know until now?

My answer remains the same. I'd do it all again, but sooner. I'd find my soulmate sooner & love him so much it's unmistakable for anything else.

The thing is, the universe put us in front of each other for years starting Tuesday September 8, 1981, and throughout the years, off and on. Sometimes in the strangest ways and most times without us even knowing about it. But the universe was persistent in its' knowing that this was something serious and finally was like the universe said, "Ok, I give he is."

My heart ached and knew what it wanted, my mind agreed and my soul had finally found home when we finally got together.

Then through the years he has helped me, gave me support when I was down, made me laugh (it's always a party) until I the tears came, gave me hope when I needed it. And, was more than patient (he says patience is a virtue).

He brings me adventure, has taken me on some dates that are beyond comparison and happiness - and best of all he let's me be "me". There is no mask or face to put on that is necessary to suit the situation. Together we are strong, and our world is better just by having each other in it.

But know this, finding your soulmate does not mean everything is rainbows and unicorns (although, it does feel that way a hell of a lot) Sometimes it's hard work, not taking the goodness for granted and not becoming complacent.

Sometimes there are misunderstandings and mistakes. Sometimes there is pain and heartache and sometimes we have to face tragedies, deal with our history and challenges we never thought we would have to. Sometimes those things are damaging and even when it becomes overwhelming, there is strength in our bond.

There is power in love, healing, forgiveness, friendship, communication, and respect.

Our relationship is ever changing, moving, evolving, growing into something new and stronger every day. Through everything, I am forever grateful, forever in love, and it's magical. It's something that I hope never to take for granted and something that I wish for everyone.

If I had a time machine, I'd get in.

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