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Where is your head?

As I took a moment in the chaos of this morning's activities while getting ready for work, I noticed that my mind was full of thoughts.

Thoughts like, “I have so much prep to do for the fall” “Oh I have to remember to contact that candidate…” “I need to plan out our meals for next week, this weekend” “I wonder if my daughter is going to be able to rearrange her school schedule…” “I can’t forget to…”

Then, in the midst of the noise in my mind I realized how I was missing the moment. I was missing the glorious colours of the sunrise outside my window. Of the purring cat who was walking around my ankles. Of the song on the radio. Of the beauty of the day in front of me. So I stopped. My mind wanted to continue, but I stopped, looked out the window and took a few fresh breaths. I closed my eyes and felt the sun. It doesn’t have to take long to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

I hope that today and everyday you have the opportunity to take a moment. A moment to appreciate your surroundings and to be able to take a few breaths before moving on with a clear mind and a spring in your step.

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