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After recently returning to work from a period of vacation time this is something that I've been pondering.

bal-ance = offset or compare the value of (one thing) with another.

Work/Life Balance - What does this term even mean?

It means something different to everyone. It is NOT slipping out if work early every is maintaining the activities you enjoy outside of the workplace, making the time.

Could be anything from golf, fitness, children's activities, family dinners, or simply just diving into a good book.

We are SO connected and due to the nature of some work we are often always available. It's difficult to shut off.

My biggest tip to maintain balance is scheduling in personal activities as you would an important business meeting. This has been working great for me over the years. You wouldn't miss a meeting with the President of your company so why miss out on your family/personal time?

Share with me - what do you do to ensure that you have a Work/Life Balance?

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